Let's discuss: Thin vs Thick Hair

November 03, 2020

Blog post - Let's discuss: Thin vs Thick Hair by Scrunchies Crush

Long, short, brunette, blond... and loads of more different hair types. Imagine you have straight hair, but deep in your hair you would like it to be curly. Once you have it curly you start thinking about bringing it back to straight hair! Doesn't it sound familiar?
Thus, today let's spend some time to discuss Thin and Thick hair types. We will review the key problems which are being faced for each of the hair type, after that we will review few things which you can try to avoid and the last, but not least we will list few tips for you!
Thin hair:
  • You have to redo your ponytail constantly
  • Using conditioner regularly makes your hair greasy
  • Scalp sunburn is a real thing
  • You hair products have adjectives like "body" and "volume"
  • Your hair never seems to grow as fast
  • After hours of curling your hair, it's flat again one hour later
Thick hair:
  • You always buy shampoo & conditioner
  • Hair pins, regular brushes and plastic combs are too weak
  • Needs multiple bottles of hair dye
  • It takes days for your hair to dry naturally
  • Takes a long time to blow-dry
  • You leave a trail of hair everywhere


Thin hair:
  • Using too much product, it weights your hair down
  • Cutting your hair in layers
  • Don't use conditioner on all of your hair, just at the ends
  • Flat ironing the ends
Thick hair:
  • Washing your hair everyday, natural oils will condition it
  • Running your hands through your hair, it makes it stick up
  • Using a bristle brush, they damage your hair
  • Blow-drying your hair it will poof up


Thin hair:
  • Use salt spray before blow drying
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down for volume 
  • Dry shampoo is your new best friend
  • Go for shorter haircuts to gain volume

Thick hair:

  • Long layers add movement to your hair
  • Try longer hair styles to reduce volume around your scalp
  • Buy extra-bold clips and elastics 
  • Try Ombre hair with light ends to reduce thickness


Let us know in the comments if you find this review useful!


With love, 

Scrunchie Crush

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